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Unleash your Creativity
With Quicksand you will create iOS, Android and HTML5 games faster than ever.

Intuitive Editing
Move sprites and labels freely using the scene editor.

Smart Scripting
Get up to speed with autocomplete, context-sensitive help and example previews.

Instant Preview
Change your code WHILE it's running and see the effects immediately.

Multiple Platforms
Code your game once and it will run on iOS, Android and in the browser via HTML5.

Checkout the HTML5 Demo


There are many great features lined up for Quicksand but we need funding to implement them! If you'd be interested to help funding us (e.g. on Kickstarter) please signup for our newsletter or drop us an email.

Quick Facts

Supported Operating Systems

Quicksand will be available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Deployment Platforms

Quicksand exports to iOS, Android and to HTML5 for browser games.

Under the Hood

Games made with Quicksand use JavaScript bindings for Cocos2D-X which is a cross-platform game engine written in C++.


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About us
We are Caato, an app development agency located in Germany. We were looking for a smart, minimalistic yet efficient tool to create 2D games for iOS and Android but couldn't find one. That's why we created Quicksand!
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Quicksand is a product of Caato.

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